Case Study: Using mobile apps to transform Snagging Reports

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July. It’s a scorching hot day, and the site is teeming with people. Client handover is supposed to be happening in two week’s time, but it seems the final fix is running slightly behind schedule. You're here to snag the whole site, but as you navigate a path through the various trades working frantically, it's clear you'll be coming back. The top two floors are very nearly finished though, so you can make a start there.

A few months ago, your heart would be sinking slightly right now. You would be pulling out a well-worn site plan, already heavily annotated from previous visits, and you'd be marking out the areas that you plan to snag today. Then you'd be juggling your notebook and your camera, making todays snagging notes as clear as possible so that you stand a fair chance of untangling them later when you come to write up the report in the office. Your heart would be sinking a little more at this thought, knowing that it may be a week or more before you're back to finish this job, and today's notes will seem all but unintelligible by then…

Problem solved: accurate, fast, concise snagging reports

But today, you're using Visual Survey Pro. You fire up the app on your phone as you walk into the first room, and pause for a moment to open the site plan for this floor. A minute later you've spotted the first snag - a poorly finished surround on one of the window frames.

You record the snag by dropping a pin on the plan, snapping a photo, and quickly dictating a note which transforms into accurate text as you speak. You smile to yourself as you consider what you would have had to write down before to record this snag: “4th floor, east corner; incomplete finish to top left corner of window 2nd from right”, and the corresponding effort to decipher it later and match it up with one of the hundreds of photos you'll take today. But with Visual Survey Pro, the snag is literally recorded in seconds, and located precisely.

Less than an hour later and you've snagged the top two floors. You find the site manager and agree to come back on Monday to finish off; confident you'll have the snagging finished in another hour or two onsite, and then you'll be able to send out the report, generated automatically by the app, the same afternoon.

Architect on a building site taking a photo on their phone to add to for a marker.

Architect on a job site using their phone to add a note to a marker.

VSP: saving you time on-site, and delivering more accurate reports, faster

Shu Architects have been using Visual Survey Pro since summer 2019, on a variety of projects. Over that time the team has seen a significant reduction in the amount of time they spend creating reports. “All of the data we record on site is collated on the app there and then so there is very little additional work back in the office.” said Claire Humphries, Architect and Director at Shu. “I know that we can get a useful result, here and now, without an additional - and sometimes unknown - amount of extra work back in the office later”.


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